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Teaching futsal with the Coordinative Capacities by Fernando Ferretti – Brazilian Futsal Coach

The Importance of Coordinative Capacities in the Education of a Futsal Athlete

For some time now, nearly all of us agree that the so-called analytical method for learning futsal must be banned for ever from our futsal schools. It is nonsense to think that after training passing, receiving, kicks and ball control at the beginning of class and with “group” games at the end of class the student will become a futsal player after a number of repetitions.

That small individual who comes into our hands has qualities that are both motor (wants to run, jump, play .....) and cognitive (acquires information and experiences that will be used in the near future). When running, the child must learn to make decisions with increasing quality, in relation to the adversary (opponent) teammates (help) and the ball, in attack and defense.

Thus, our course will focus on the coordinative capacities as the framework for quality technique and on the challenging activities involving decision making, for the preparation of tactical reasoning, without which there would be no quality futsal athlete.

And as a special offer , you will receive as a gift the on line course – The Tactic Evolution of Futsal in Brasil, which is the narrates the evolution of tactic systems in brazilian futsal since 1976.

At the end of your studies, you shoud write and e-mail an essay about what you have learned and what are your ideas regarding the content of this course. After sending the essay, you will receive (through e-mail) a certificate refering to 40 hours of studies, with the acknowledgement of Metdologia Ferretti Futsal and CBFS.

Special Launch Price: Exclusively for the first 100 units – U$ 29,00

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Who is Fernando Ferretti

One of the most important futsal coaches of our time. Former coach of Brazil, Guatemala and Paraguay national teams.

Krona Futsal current coach, one of the main teams in the national league.

Takes pride in being the biggest winner of the national league – 5 times and the winner of the Brazilian national Cup 11 times, 6 years in a row.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) is graduated in Physical Education and Physical Therapy.

Having numerous papers published in different medias, he´s the author and creator of the DVDs for futsal training, as well as maintaining his website ( with diverse themes for coaches e futsal enthusiasts since 1998.

Among the projects to spread the technical knowledge regarding futsal l,Fernando Ferretti teaches courses for professionals in futsal in Brasil and around the world.



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